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Your Dog is Smarter (and Easier to Train) Than You Think!

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

A Story About Dog Training…

When Holly the Dog was a little babe she exhibited normal puppy behaviors, such as rummaging through anything and everything within her reach.  Holly would even get into purses and pockets, emerging with valuable dollar bills!  Much to her owners dismay, they coaxed the cash from Holly’s playful grip with what else… treats.  It only took a few rounds of this game for Holly to understand that cash = treats!  Now an adult, Holly calmly exchanges the money she scavenges away for treats from her parents.  Trust us, you have got to see it to believe it.  Thanks to Inside Edition for covering this quirky and endearing pet behavior!

Wait, That Wasn’t a Story About Dog Training… Was It?

It sure was!  Training is not only an active choice to change your dog’s unwanted behaviors, it is also a passive activity that is going on all the time as you live with your dog.  Although Holly’s parents didn’t intentionally train her to understand basic capitalism, they did through positive reinforcement of giving her a treat when she found and handed over those little white and green pieces of paper.  We’re guessing you already know this but dogs are smart, so be mindful of the behaviors you reward… like when they learn to shut the toilet seat or take out the trash!


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