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The Tech Products That Will Make Your Dog’s Day

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives… including how we care for our pets. From interactive toys to smart leashes and monitors that connect with your phone, there’s no end to the ways technology has enriched our dogs’ lives.

Just for fun

Toys like the automatic ball launcher manufactured by iFetch and PetSafe enable pet parents to harness the power of tech for the fun of play. And Kickstarter projects launch regularly with tech-driven innovations: The GoBone, for instance, is a dog toy powered by you, from your phone. Safety is key with these products: Before purchasing, check safety ratings for things like battery casings that can become damaged.


Houdini dogs, take note: Pet parents can now, essentially, LoJack their dog with a range of GPS-enabled collars. There are dozens on the market, from pet-specific brands like Whistle and Tagg, to tech brands like Garmin that are newer to the pet space. The home security website,, released their top six recommendations in case you’re in the market.


Following the trends and product development in baby monitors, a number of companies have launched pet monitors. Some are designed to allow two-way communication so you can say hi or dish a treat to your pup from work. Others include interactive features, like Petcube’s laser that you can control from your phone. Top Dog Tips has put together their top six recommendations if you’d like to compare features.

When it comes to pet tech, the sky’s the limit. Products like timed feeding dishes and leashes that alert you to friends who are walking nearby are rolling out quickly–filling gaps you never knew were there.


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