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The Best Instagram Advice on (Almost) Every Topic

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

Believe it or not, there is a lot of wisdom to be gained from Instagram!  Dog trainers, groomers, walkers and other canine professionals fill this social space with great advice alongside adorable photos.  We will be the first to admit, we love cruising dog feeds on Instagram and we’re always amazed at what we learn from these unsung experts.  Here is some of our very favorite advice we’ve weened over the years on nearly every topic!

Dog Ownership

“Dogs respond to confidence and thrive on structure and boundaries.  This simple mind set is the first step to an amazing life with your dog.”



“Puppy Training is about building a solid foundation of skills. Take your time, be patient, and have fun so your dog will have a lifetime of being well-socialized and mannerly.”


Basic Commands

“One of the most useful ways to get a dog to sit up or down is to simply apply spatial pressure. Stepping into them or crowding their space can be a very useful aid in getting a dog to sit.”

Dog Training

“Everything in dog training boils down to three things: COMMUNICATION • MOTIVATION • and RELATIONSHIP • With those three things, anything is possible!”

@dogtraineramy (feature photo above)


“It’s important to have stable neutral dogs to assist in socializing difficult dogs.”


Dogs That Pull

“We suggest keeping a short leash and briefly stopping each time your dog tugs on it.  Be patient and reward good behavior with affection or treats to reinforce it.”


Confidence Building

“Work on hopping onto surfaces and doing place commands while watching the world go by.  A place command can be anything with a physical boundary.”


Senior Dogs

“When they are puppies we think: they can’t get any cuter than this… but then they get old and just accomplish the impossible with such grace and tenderness in their eyes that our heart melts.”



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