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Social Outings Perfect for You and Your Dog

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

Socializing has gone to the dogs… in the best possible way!

The latest trends in dog socialization overlap with the latest trends in human-centered activities. And it makes sense, right? We want to hang out with our friends, and who’s a better friend than our pup?

These fresh activities allow for pets and their people to spend time socializing together and with others. Check out four of the newest trends in dog socialization:


With the ubiquity of sites like and, it’s only natural that pet-friendly groups leverage those platforms to arrange pup-centered activities. My local site has breed-specific activities (like the “all hound hikes” group) and dog-friendly picnics at area parks.


From national chains to local eateries, cafes offer outdoor seating that allows you to dine with your dog. Some even include pet-approved menu items, like puppy lattes.

Wineries and Breweries

One of the biggest trends is human socialization has been the influx of micro-brews. Whether you head out on a brewery or winery tour, or drop in for seasonal tastings, most allow dogs to join their person. However, call ahead to find out because some, like those that don’t separate the tasting area from the dining area, might not let in your furry friend.

Remember, not all activities are for all dogs. And, unfortunately, not all dog owners behave appropriately either, allowing their dog off leash or not picking up. If you’re not sure how your dog will enjoy these activities, start small. Visit a local coffee shop during off times and work up to larger events. Then, get out and have (even more) fun together!


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