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Inspiring Disc and Dock Dogs (and Why They Love the Game)

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

Looking for a dose of motivation?

Disc and dock dogs are high-flying, athletic, awe-inspiring pups who demonstrate that hard work can be great fun! For dogs with drive, focus, and tons of energy, these sports help them express themselves in physical activity, and it works to build your bond.

Check out these inspiring disc and dock dogs and get pumped up! Then get out there and have some fun with YOUR dog.


Border Collie Zoe demonstrates that you don’t need to be part of a competitive event to make the most of the fun aspects of disc dog:

Matt and Bella were the first place winners at this year’s Eastern Regionals for the 2016 Purina ProPlan Incredible Dog Challenge. Their choreography is filled with jaw-dropping athletic maneuvers and some serious catches:

Have a half hour? Check out the full recording of the Freestyle Flying Dog Competition from earlier this year:


For high-drive dogs who love water, dock diving might be the sport for you. This compilation of slow-motion dock dives proves that any dog can do it!

World-record-setting Pyro’s jumps from 2011 were caught on video: (Though the current record exceeds 33 feet!) You can see Pyro’s intensity and drive in between jumps… he’s ready to GO!

For those who love a tale of redemption, or an in-depth look into the power of the partnership between an athlete and an athletic dog, check out Jim Gorant’s book, Wallace.  It’s an inspiring testament to the power of the human-canine bond, along with some seriously inspiring stories of disc dog competition.

Learn more about disc dogs at Skyhoundz.

Learn more about dock dogs at North America Diving Dogs.


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