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Incredible Sports Dogs on Instagram

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

If you love dog sports, Instagram is the place to be. Hashtags like #dockdiving or #agilitydogs (and even #bikejoring!) pull up thousands of competitive sports pups doing what they do best. After countless hours combing through dog sports Insta accounts, we decided to award five dogs with our own special titles–blue ribbons not included.

Most Intuitive Agility Dog

Check out this guy’s face as he runs the course. He hardly takes his eyes off his person the whole run. Be sure to toggle through the pics to see dedication in action!

Best Sport Dog Rescue

Seriously! Epic Sport Dog Rescue takes in homeless pups with sporting potential, trains them, then finds the pups their forever homes. Winners all around!

Most Unusual Sport

Bikejoring. Yep, it’s a thing! What is it? Bikejoring is cross-country biking, powered by your pup. Check out how much fun this guy is having taking Silver in a European competition.

Fiercest Look and Most Floofiest

Tied category. Check out dock-diving Bella’s intense concentration paired with her floofy ears. A winning combo! Be sure to toggle through her account to see her agility work, too. Bella is a hardcore competitor!

Best #AgilityFail

Even a highly-motivated sporting breed can have an oops moment. Like this guy who may not win an agility award, but he certainly would win Most Creative.

No matter what, these sports dogs are all winners because they’re out there trying! Hopefully this wide range of dog types and sports inspired you to get up a go play with your pup!

(image credit: @rundogslovelife on IG)


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