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How Top Athletes Rely on Their Dogs

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

It is a generally accepted fact that interacting with dogs can improve our health.  They lift our moods with their joy-filled antics, encourage increased activity and offer companionship; in fact, having a dog around is downright good for you!  And if that is true for average joes, just imagine what dogs do for top athletes?!

In a recent story by the New York Times, we got a glimpse into the support dogs provide to some of the best tennis player in the world!  Athletes such as Svetlana Kuznetsova, Sam Querrey and Venus Williams all confessed their love for, and reliance on, their dogs.  They agree that their dogs provide them a sense of stability in the midst of their competitive, globe-trotting schedules, in addition to unconditional support and companionship.  Or as Venus Williams chose to put it, “I feel like a mama to him because he’s someone to take care of. But he takes care of me, too.”

Meet Venus Williams’ 10-year old Havanese, who not only takes good care of her but made an appearance in a recent commercial she did!

photo credit: Svetlana Kuznetsova and her American Bully, Dolce, in a photo from her Instagram account.


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