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Four Enriching Benefits of Doggie Daycare

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

In some circles, doggie daycare is as contentious a topic as how you feed your dog! Some dog lovers are firm believers, while others are adamantly opposed.

The reality is that doggie daycare can be intensely rewarding and enriching… for the right dog at a responsible daycare. Not all dogs are daycare-appropriate, and that’s OK. But for dogs who are, and for dog owners who can find a great daycare, here are some of the tremendous benefits:

Experience Provider

One thing we all want is a calm, well-rounded, emotionally healthy dog that doesn’t over-react when other dogs or people come around. The best way to help your pup become this way is to ensure a multitude of experiences. Doggie daycares expose dogs to other canines of all shapes and sizes, as well as people, sights and smells they wouldn’t come across while lying in your living room alone.

Boredom Buster

Most dogs spend the majority of their day home alone, bored. Some of those dogs turn to destructive behavior to keep themselves entertained. Doggie daycare provides stimulation–in the form of play, of course, but some even have things like swimming and sports–to fight off that boredom.

Energy Eliminator

Likewise, dogs burn off so much steam at doggie daycare – partly because they’re on the move all day long and partly because, by being on the move all day, they don’t sleep as much as they do when stuck at home – that they are much better behaved when they’re at home.

Social Stimulator (and Corrector)

The socialization among dogs who love playing with other dogs can’t be beat. Running, jumping, and playing in a room full of best buds provides the backbone of doggie daycare’s enriching experience. Plus, if your dog demonstrates an unwanted problem behavior–say, humping–it’s often corrected by the other dogs in the group in a species-appropriate way.

If you can find a daycare with a well-trained, attentive staff, and if your dog loves to frolic with other pups, the enrichment that comes from doggie daycare is unparalleled! Bonus: Knowing your dog is having a fun, stimulating day while you’re at the office totally eliminates #MomGuilt.


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