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Enrichment Instagram Stars You Should Follow

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

We’ll admit it! All of us at PAW5 are glass-half-full, go-getting, life-lovers who relish over achievement in any form.  From videos of international nose work contests to water-cooler talk about playful dogs we saw in the park over the weekend, we are always on the hunt for overachieving dogs.  One really great place to find them: Instagram.  Here are a few of our favorite accounts featuring dogs who really get after it by category, of course!

Get Up on Stuff: @molliethehounddoggie

This nimble pup can get her four little paws on just about any surface.

Mollie works hard at the school of #getuponstuff, specializing in fire hydrants but has also tackled many tree stumps, bar stools and even her human’s back!

Adventure Seeking: @traveling_gsp

Ozil travels from NM – NJ – ME throughout the year, experiencing adventure every step of the way!  His photographer human captures gorgeous images of him relishing the many wonders of nature across our majestic country.

Getting Dirty: @puppypartywagon

This pack of farm pups have non-stop good clean fun playing in the dirt, water and virtually anywhere that gets them in touch with their instinctual canine nature to dig, roll and get dirty!  Watch these pups prove that anything worth doing is worth doing well on gorgeous backdrops of green fields and blue skies in Ontario, CA.

City Dog: @tulleythebrooklyndog

Tulley is lucky to experience Greatest City in the World with his Dad on their daily adventures.  Like any authentic Brooklyn-resident, he has an eye for street art, frequents independent ice cream shops and adores park days.

Playful Pup: @camel.vizsla.journal

This guys parents are truly committed to enrichment and give their sweet boy something challenging to do almost daily!  From nose work to water play, this tongue-waving pup reminds us the importance of play and not taking life too seriously.

Check out our Instagram feed @PAW5us, which is packed with enriched and overachieving dogs!

(photo credit: @molliethehounddoggie)


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