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Dining al Fresco: A Dinner Treat for Your Dog

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

Summer is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors. One of the most fun ways to enjoy nice weather? Dining al fresco! It can be fun for your pets, too! Here are a few ways to make your dog’s mealtime more enriching by eating outdoors:

Outdoor Dining

Allowing your dog to eat outside — even if it’s as simple as moving your regular bowl or puzzle toy outside — provides your dog with an enriching experience. As he enjoys his meal, he’ll hear the birds chirping and bugs buzzing. Focusing on his food becomes a mental workout in light of the busy surroundings. Just make sure he has access to plenty of fresh water near his food dish.

Play a Game

Backyard dining can be even more challenging for pups than simply eating outside. For dogs who love to work for their food, place small caches of his meal around the yard and allow him to seek them out. If you want to up the activity level, and your dog is a kibble eater, you can toss individual pieces near or far for him to chase down, sniff out, and gobble up.

Try a Patio

Not all dogs love being out in a bustling public space, but if your dog does, consider heading out to a restaurant together. Some restaurants even have menus for dogs! A bar and grill here in Indianapolis has a separate dog menu so you can order your pup a delicious meal while enjoying a night out together!

Whether it’s on a restaurant patio or in your own backyard, outdoor dining is a summer treat. Give it a try with your pup–he’s sure to enjoy the experience!


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