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Blind & Deaf Dog Shows Power of the Nose

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

PAW5 is always on the hunt for overachieving dogs, and Australian Shepherd “Braille” is no exception.  This deaf and blind dog from Detroit is the embodiment of a well-adjusted, smart and happy dog, despite being born with challenges.  Thanks to Braille’s keen sense of smell and touch, as well as some dedicated training and patience from his humans, he enjoys the world around him through play and socializing.  He learns quickly from tactile cues and positive reinforcement with treats, and his intelligence is evidenced by his piano playing skills!  (You gotta see it to believe it…)  Thanks to a loving family and enriching environment that engages his body and mind, Braille lives a full and carefree life.

Braille was born a “double merle,” which is a term for both deaf and blind, after merle-to-merle breeding.  While Braille lives a joyful, high-quality life, his condition could have been prevented.  This is a great reminder of the importance of spay and neutering pets, as well as breeding education.

Visit Detroit Free Press to see the video and learn more about Braille the Exceptional Pup!


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