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An Ode to the Dog Nose

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

In the middle of the face, the nose remains froze.

Smelling and detecting, with occasional blows.

Noses come in all sizes, and a variety of shapes.

From Roman to Bulbous, all descended from apes.

It finds simple pleasure in the scent of a rose,

And turns away disgusted, from big stinky toes.

All creatures have noses, the big and the small.

But noses are not all equal, a tale that is not tall.

Dog noses are strong, a fact we all know.

But did you know they detect scents under the snow?!

Dogs understand the world, from the smells that they sniff.

The temperament of humans, are revealed with a whiff.

Certain dogs were bred, just for their nose.

Hunting, herding, tracking – the roles that were chose.

Sometimes wet, their little noses nuzzle.

The things they like to smell, are often a puzzle.

This ode is getting lengthy, so with this we will close.

We LOVE dog sniffers – enough to write prose.


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