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3 Ways to Get Your Dog Moving (When You Don’t Want To)

by Dennis ODonnell on April 29, 2020

After a long day at work, you get home and crash on the couch. Thirty seconds later your pup is pouncing, ready for her walk.

Or the weather outside is frightful. Or you feel lazy on an early weekend morning. But there’s your sweet dog and her big, puppy-dog eyes, waiting for you to crawl out of your couch cocoon and get some exercise.


Three options:

Embrace the Laze

Take your dog for her bathroom break, then gather her favorite toys and games. Settle on the couch and either throw her toys for her to chase, or play an interactive game from the comfort of your PJs. It’s not too tough to play tug while lounging on the sofa bingeing on Gilmore Girls.

Modify Your Workout

Go for a shorter walk at a faster pace. Or a longer walk at a slower pace. A change-up to your typical routine will make it more enriching for your pup, which lets you cut back without the guilt.

Get UP and Get Going

One of the best parts of loving a dog is that your pup motivates you to get up and out the door. You’ll both be healthier for it, and you can always settle back on the couch when you get home.

Finally don’t forget: A tired pup is a snugly pup! Muster up the motivation to work out first with plans for a snuggle-fest later. After you’ve torched calories and burnt off her energy, invite your dog into your couch cocoon for a little Netflix-and-chill with your best friend.


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