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Where are PAW5 Products made?

We are proud to be transparent about our manufacturing, because as part of our Four from Five Promise, we select only the best partners to make our products - that means they make PAW5 to the highest quality, while being world-class in the treatment of their employees, community, and environment.

The Rock 'N Bowl is made in Albany, New York from BPA-free and Phthalate-free plastic. We also utilize a zero-waste process, meaning no plastic scrap is ever sent to landfill - we re-use it to make more bowls.

The Wooly is proudly handmade at a progressive women's co-op in rural Thailand, using upcycled fabric materials. Many of the women making Wooly have families, so many choose to do the work of making Wooly in their homes - not at the factory. This allows them to not make the hard choice of watching their children, or earning a living - we help them to do both!


Why are all your products focused on feeding?

We want to bring meaningful enrichment into the life of every dog, every day, and we believe mealtime is the best opportunity for any dog owner to accomplish this.  Mealtime is the highlight of every dog's day - so why not turn it into an enriching challenge that helps your dog think, play, and have the satisfaction of foraging for their meal?  For decades, zoos, vets, and behaviorists have understood the importance of enrichment at mealtime - PAW5 is here to help bring this into every home.


What is Environmental Enrichment, and why is PAW5 focusing on it?

There are a ton of reasons why we're so excited about environmental enrichment!  The first and biggest reason is that it allows us as dog owners to bring species-specific, engaging, and enriching prodcuts into our home for our pups.  Dogs are incredibly unique in their strengths and abilities - they are naturally curious, are excellent problem solvers, are bred to work, and have an exceptional sense of smell.  While some dog toys cater to this, we find they're mostly focused on just 1 of a dog's many talents: chewing.  We think this just isn't enough, and veterinarians agree.  So Environmental Enrichment products engage a dog on multiple levels - not just chewing, but on all the other things that make them dogs, and doing this keeps them occupied, healthy, and happy!

As a retailer, environmental enrichment is a relatively new category.  This means that you have fewer products piling up in your store, and fewer other retailers competing against you.  This brand new category is a great addition to your innovative store, your clientelle will love it, and you have the benefit of not competing against the big box stores on price!


How do I remove the grey lid on the Rock 'N Bowl? 

To pop the grey lid off, we recommend putting your thumb through 1 of the holes in the top, and pulling it apart by pushing against the rim of the bowl. Alternatively, some people put their fingers through the holes on the side, and push up from the bottom.

One thing you can be sure of is you won’t crack or break the plastic - it’s nearly indestructible. So feel free to be rough with it.

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